5 Mistakes People Make When Planning A Major Home Renovation

And How To Avoid Them ...

Inside This Informative Free Guide You'll Discover...

  • How delaying decisions delays your finish date

  • If you’re able to live in your home during the renovation

  • Why 80% of designs never get built

  • How imperative it is to decide on a budget

  • If you need to come up with a deadline for renovation finish

  • Plus a bonus tip!

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This consumer guide could potentially save you thousands in planning your major home renovation! Get your hands on this priceless information today.

TIP #1

Discover why it could be a big mistake if you start negotiating on price too early in the design process. It’s counter-intuitive but being open and honest at this stage in the process can really save you a lot of money.

TIP #2

We reveal why planning your renovation team is critical. Without the right team in place first, you could blow thousands of dollars in potential redesign fees and experience months of wasted time.

TIP #3

If all builders look the same to you at this stage then turn to page 8 where you’ll discover an easy to follow process for identifying dodgy builders with poor communication.

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